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Global Biodiversity Information Facility


Free and open access to biodiversity

The GBIF is an Intergovernmental organisation which includes over 50 countries and more than 40 international organisations. It was created in 2001 to deal with the tasks which enable politicians, researchers and the general public worldwide online access to the world stock of primary data on biodiversity. This data is a basic tool for scientific development in countries and contributes significantly towards a greater protection and use of biodiversity on the planet.

GBIF is the result of the working group on biological data processing in the OECD Forum on megascience which took place in January 1996. The working group came to the conclusion that:

  1. Information on biodiversity was very complex and wide-ranging but of great importance for society.
  2. Up until then, the information was neither available nor used adequately.
  3. Recent technological and political advances offered member countries of the OECD the opportunity to become leaders in biological data processing (biomolecular data processing as well as for health, neurology and biodiversity). Member countries of the OECD were advised to set up a worldwide information system on biodiversity.

Andorra has been part of the GBIF since 2010. The Andorran government designated the Centre for Snow and Mountain Research (CENMA) in the Andorran Research Centre (IEA) as the Andorran body responsible for organising and developing GBIF in the country.

At present there are over 75,000 Andorran entries which are included in the GBIF data base and can already be consulted on the international site.


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